Al Gore called environmental issues moral issues

The Former Vice President Al Gore visited Duke University on April 8, 2010 and gave a talk on the environmental issues. He delivered the audience how to tackle environmental issues and why.

Looking back at what we have done to the environment, he called our generation a criminal generation and stressed that we have to take actions and save future environmental refugees who will be suffering from what we have done. You can't argue that it's OK because we have a happy life now. You have to take environmental issues as moral issues. That's why we must deal with them now.

There was a moment when the audience boosted up, cheering and praising. That was when Mr. Gore talked about the technologies to reduce green house gases especially CO2.

That is to say...

There have been huge improvements on the CO2 reduction technologies. However, they are not good enough yet. But don't worry as we have already gotten the most advanced technology called forests!

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