Windows 7

Finally, I've switched from my old Windows XP machine to a Windows 7 one running on Dell Studio Slim. I particularly like the new taskbar, explorer, control panel among others, with nice touches on them. A great improvement is seen on Windows Media Player with clean views of the library, much nicer than iTnues.

I connected my old PC and new one through the network and copied all files over, which went very well. The MWP library was successfully transferred to the new PC in this way.

The graphic driver is equipped with an HDMI output, so I can connect the PC with a high-definition TV to enjoy movies and slideshows on TV. The sound comes out from TV, much nicer than cheap PC speakers.

Windows 7 64bit
Intel Core 2 Quad  Q9550 (2.83GHz, 12MB Cache)
4GB Memory
ATI Radeon HD 4350 512MB
21.5" Full-HD screen


CoML not to be listed in Oceans

As already posted, Census of Marine Life, which my lab is involved in, participated in the production of the movie Oceans. The US version, which will be released on April 22nd by Disney, is significantly altered from its international version.

The producer and director of the movie are hugely disappointed with this and hence Census of Marine Life and its funding organization Sloan Foundation have decided not to support the US version.

While CoML and Sloan Foundation are given credit at the beginning of the international version, they won't be listed in the US version.

I haven't watched the US version and have no idea how the US version is different from the international counterpart. I guess the US version leans too much to commercialism. I will report when it's released in the US.


SeaWorld's killer whale got a trainer drowned

After a show at Orlando's SeaWorld, the killer whale, Tilikum, pulled a trainer into the water and kept him under water to death (2010-02-24).This is not the first incident that Tilikum played a role for people's death. In addition, it is reported that Tilikum showed a frustrated behavior before the show (from CNN).

Jane Velez-Mitchell at CNN maintained (from CNN) that whales should not be kept captive under the cover of science, the realism of which is about profit.

As long as my knowledge goes, wild killer whales never attak human.

While it is wildlife conservation to rescue stranded or hurt whales, it is hard to be justified to capture wild whales to put them on a show.


MISIA appointed as Honorary Ambassador for COP10

Japanese singer MISIA, whom I am a huge fan of, is appointed as Honorary Ambassador for COP10.
Although I can't say for sure at this moment, I may be able to attend COP10. That means I may have a chance to meet her? Probably not.