The movie "Oceans" is now on screen in Japan, three months ahead of US. The footage is absolutely amazing but I felt a little bit disappointed with the story, which is narrated by Rie Miyazawa, one of the most notable female actresses in Japan. My disappointment has nothing to do with her. Rather, the story itself is boring. While the movie is not conservation-oriented, I wish the story could be more dynamic and prone to telling the valunerability of the oceans.

The movie is released by Disney on April 22 in the US.

I see a lot of media coverage of this movie in Japan. Not so much in US yet as it is still three months prior to its release. I will report how the movie is picked up in the US media. 

The movie is supported by Census of Marine Life, a global project on marine sciences, which my lab is heavily involved in. You can download a beautiful brochure. On Page 5 is a map showing shooting locations, which I created.